Miquel Font and Pere Joan Estelrich by the pool. | Lola Olmo


As had been planned, work on eliminating the Mar y Paz swimming pool and beach bar in Can Picafort began on Wednesday. The 500 cubic metres are being filled in with rubble and layers of aggregate. Although it has been known for some time that the pool's days were numbered, many local people continued to believe that it wouldn't happen.

Pere Joan Estelrich remembers that the sea reached the very edge of the promenade. He saw the pool being built when he was a child. On Wednesday he witnessed its destruction. "It makes me sad. I remember that the sea came up to the promenade and that they placed rocks in order to build the pool. I have swum in it, like mostly all the residents."

Miquel Font runs the family restaurant at the hotel. That is 49 years old, almost as old as the pool - 52-years-old. "I learned to swim in this pool. It was the only pool and it had a great deal of atmosphere. Many people will stop coming to Can Picafort. They have come from all over Mallorca to the Mar y Paz. Now they will go to other places where there is a beach club."

The pool and its surroundings will be covered with a provisional concrete layer. After the summer, Santa Margalida town hall will raise the tender for work to create the new square that will replace the pool.