The sun is shining in Palma today. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Teresa Ayuga

The month of March was one of the wettest since records began in 1961 in Spain and the Balearics with 223 percent more rainfall than normal, making it the fourth wettest of this century and the sixth on record.

In terms of hours of sunshine, the Aemet met. office states that in addition to being wet, this was the least sunny March in the last 39 years, with 127.5 hours of sunshine on average, 44 percent less than normal, compared to other European countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium and Poland, which accumulated between 220 and 250 hours of sunshine on average, almost twice as much.

While in Spain March was not very sunny, in Scotland and Northern Ireland, the number of hours of sunshine also exceeded the average, with 155 and 182.9 hours respectively, making March 2022 in both regions the sunniest in their history.

Let us hope that the sun is here to stay in Mallorca, although Easter is looking a bit unstable.