The defendant in court in Palma. | Juan P. Martínez


The owner of a bar in Manacor has been sentenced to fifteen months, suspended for three years, for excessive noise.

A criminal court in Palma heard that there was excessive noise from the bar between 2016 and 2018 and that residents were unable to live normal lives as a result. One resident in particular filed numerous complaints with Manacor town hall and local police. Sonometric measurements were taken inside his home. These revealed noise that was double the permitted level.

In May 2017, an injunction was issued. Despite this, the excessive noise continued. As a consequence, the neighbour suffered serious health problems related to anxiety and depression.

The bar owner will also have to pay a fine of 360 euros. Prior to the hearing, he had paid the neighbour 3,000 euros compensation, a fact that was taken into account by the prosecution, as was the delay to hearing the case, which was not of the defendant's doing.