The drugs were destroyed today. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Central Government Delegation in the Balearics today destroyed some 3.3 tons of drugs in Palma. Three tons of hashish, 280 kilos of cannabis buds and 100 kilos of coffee mixed with cocaine, seized in different operations, were incinerated ay Son Reus.

All the narcotics had been seized over the last few months as a result of different operations mounted by the National Police, the Guardia Civil, Customs and the Local Police.

The three tons of hashish were seized last month in an operation in Ibiza, which culminated with the arrest of 14 people when they were caught loading the drug on board a glider.

Also destroyed were 280 kilos of cannabis buds from an operation carried out in November last year by the National Police in Sant Jordi (Palma), as well as 6.5 kilos of cocaine and 1.5 kilos of hashish seized in Mallorca by the same police force, and 100 kilos of coffee mixed with cocaine confiscated by Customs.

The general secretary of the Government Delegation in the Balearics, Ramon Morey, highlighted the work of the security forces against drug trafficking, adding that last January a significant amount of seized narcotics was incinerated. “It has not been three or four months and we already have material to be destroyed again, that reveals the intensity of the work,” he said.

Morey stressed that many of the operations that have led to the seizure of drugs a the results of combined operations involving the Guardia Civil, National, Local Police and Customs, which shows “the tremendous spirit of collaboration and coordination between those fighting against the scourge of drug trafficking”.