Police formed a cordon. The arrested man needed medical attention. | Policia Nacional


A 27-year-old man is under arrest, having attempted to abduct an eight-year-old boy in Palma on Tuesday evening.

The incident occurred around 9pm in the Plaça Miquel Dolç, where there are several bars and a children's play area. The 27-year-old grabbed the boy from this play area and let the child go when attacked by onlookers. He ran off and officers from the local police and National Police mounted a search for him.

He was found on the C. Indalecio Prieto. He resisted arrest and had to be restrained. By the time the police caught up with him, he had bruises to various parts of his body and was bleeding. Witnesses suggest that had it not been for police intervention, there could have been a lynching.

It is understood that there is no relationship between the attempted kidnapper and the boy.