The pandemic affected the availability of staff. | Miquel À. Cañellas


As with hotels in Mallorca, bars and restaurants are facing a staff shortage problem. This arose during the pandemic, but there is a fear that it is now structural in the sector and is an issue which has been highlighted elsewhere. Hospitality workers sought greater job security in other sectors and they are not returning.

Eugenia Cusí, president of the Restaurants, Bars and Cafeterias Association, which is part of the Pimem federation of smaller businesses, says that a lack of waiters and chefs is "very worrying". "Workers have been leaving the sector because businesses cannot guarantee them stability; there is a lot of uncertainty."

In addition to an observable trend during the pandemic, there are factors specific to Mallorca and the Balearics, such as the cost of living and availability of affordable accommodation. Hospitality workers are looking to other regions of Spain as a consequence. Cusí observes that for many people, working in hospitality was "a job refuge, but they have now either changed sectors or left the island." "We began to notice this last year, but this year even more so."

While prospects for bars and restaurants are very good for Easter and the summer, the lack of personnel is generating concern.