Councillors Colau Bordal & José MIguel Servera in Cala Nau, the zone most affected by loss of sand. | Assumpta Bassa

Hotel Association representatives and Councillors from Sant Llorenç and Son Servera will travel to Madrid on May 9 to demand that the Ministry of Ecological Transition provide an ‘urgent solution’ to the constant loss of sand from the beaches.

They have been demanding action to regenerate Cala Millor’s beaches since 2014, but nothing has been done. On top of that, Costas has still not authorisated beach services in the area, so there are no sun beds and umbrellas available for locals or tourists.

"The beach is in an even worse state than it was after storm ‘Gloria’ and we can't even clean it or carry out maintenance,” said Sant Llorenç Tourism Councillor, Colau Bordal, and Son Servera Tourism Councillor, Jose Miguel Servera. “The season looks promising but hoteliers are uncertain because there are constant complaints about the poor state of the beach.”

In 2016, the Hydraulic Institute of Cantabria requested a report on the beach and proposed temporary action. In April 2019, the document was presented to Costas, but there was no response.

The Councillors point out that it is a specific sand transfer project that includes an extensive environmental impact study, which has been presented to Costas with a diagnosis, execution and impact.

On February 19, 2021, the Son Servera Town Hall wrote to Costas to ask what was happening and followed up in April and July, but there’s been no answer.

“These beaches are one of the most important tourist resources for both Municipalities and the transfer project would be financed by the municipalities,” said the Councillors. “This is an urgent measure to save the season and continue working on more long-term projects.”