Pools stolen in Santa Maria. | Guardia Civil


Two men are due to stand trial for stealing swimming pools from a company located in Santa Maria, which between March and June 2020 suffered the theft of two fibreglass swimming pools and a trailer, all valued at more than 23,000 euros.

The alleged thieves, two men aged 52 and 39, face three and two years in prison respectively. Both defendants, of Cuban and Spanish nationality, will soon appear in court.

According to the prosecution, the first robbery took place in the early hours of March 10. One of the accused, together with another unidentified person, driving a truck, stole a five-metre-long swimming pool after jumping over the perimeter fence of the warehouse where it was stored.

He did so by hitching it to the heavy vehicle he was driving. Nearly three months later the accused returned. The second time the tank and a trailer were taken.

They then returned again and stole another swimming pool and the trailer. The Guardia Civil found the stolen items in a villa in Son Ferriol and arrested the suspects for theft with forced entry.