National Police in the Balearic Islands. | Ramirez

There are nearly 200 National Police vacancies in the Balearic Islands and Union Reps say they're having a hard job filling them.

The unions say they've been holding meetings with the Government and opposition parties for years to try to resolve the situation.

"Every year, Officers have the opportunity to change location, but almost no-one wants to come to to work in the islands. We have a very serious problem of insularity and must find a solution soon, otherwise this situation could have a massive impact on the service and security of residents and tourists," said SUP Baleares spokesperson, Manuel Pavón.

Most of the vacancies will be filled this month when new recruits are sworn in, but Pavón says it's unlikely they'll stay.

"They will probably leave next year because the standard of living in the Balearic Islands is very high and housing costs a fortune," he said.