Police douse container fire in Palma. | Enrique Fueris

An arsonist set fire to a rubbish container in a busy street in Palma on Sunday in broad daylight.

National and Local Police Officers cordoned off part of Carrer de General Riera and firefighters doused the blaze as fast as possible, so that the fire wouldn't spread to other containers nearby.

Analysts believe the arsonist used a match or lighter to burn the contents of the container, because so far, they've found no evidence of petrol, oil or chemical products at the scene.

There's been a spate of fires in Palma recently; five cars and four rubbish containers were set alight in the early hours of the morning on April 9 in Carrer de Ramón Picó i Campamar and burned three more the same day.

The National Police have launched a large surveillance operation and a few days ago, some boys were arrested in connection with a fire in Es Molinar.