The British Ambassador to Spain (right) met the Balearic authorities today. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, today welcomed the British tourism figures to the Balearics for April and he expects a "very active and promising" season, despite the "small stumbling blocks" that may exist with passports.

Elliott spoke after a meeting with the President of Balearics, Francina Armengol, to discuss the situation of British residents in the Balearics and the work being carried out by British tour operators to combat antisocial tourism.

Asked about the problems that visitors from the UK may encounter on their arrival in the Balearics with passports and the problems in the UK with issuing them, Elliott said that he "trusts" that this "will not put people off from coming" and welcomed the fact that this "small stumbling block" is being discussed.

Elliott stressed that it is necessary to work together with the government for "safe and sustainable" tourism, adding that "there are limits and we have to be respectful".
"We have to work to ensure that tourists are aware of the Spanish rules, regulations and laws, so it is very important that this debate takes place, and this is what is transmitted in the British media," he stressed.

Elliott said it would be "good" to reach 2019 tourism numbers, 3.7 million British tourists.
"I don't have official data. At the moment we only have data from tour operators or hotel bookings, which are only indications, but the month of April was very strong and good for tourism, which points to a busy summer season," said the ambassador.