Carrer de Cotoner, Santa Catalina, Palma. | Gemma Marchena

Residents of Santa Catalina and es Jonquet say they have to wear earplugs, keep their windows completely closed and take sleeping pills if they want to get any sleep.

Santa Catalina and es Jonquet have taken over the party central mantle from Plaza Gomila and Magaluf, with restaurants, bars and nightclubs brimming over with customers from Thursday to Sunday.

"I close the windows, I close all the doors so that the sound doesn’t pass through and I put in earplugs," said one resident in a letter published anonymously on social media.

"This weekend I have seen more people than ever," said another neighbour, who prefers to remain anonymous because she fears reprisals from business owners.

"We are desperate," said the Associació Barri Cívic de Santa Catalina. "We are being held hostage by the leisure industry. People are selling their houses or staying with relatives every weekend to escape the noise."

They also complain that the streets are littered with cups, cans and cigarette butts every morning and that people are urinating in the streets.

The Mayor of Palma received a number of complaints after a couple were seen having sex in the middle of the street in es Jonquet.

"Nightlife venues don’t comply with the regulations, unlicensed venues open up and Palma City Council is doing nothing about it," claims the Association.

Many residents have already sold up and moved elsewhere. In 2021, 28 sanctions were issued against leisure venues, either for excessive noise or flouting the opening hours and two businesses in the area have been penalised five times. 31 individuals were also penalised for excessive noise.

"Santa Catalina is one of the areas we work in constantly,» said Local Police.

A new instruction is being applied that facilitates the immediate sealing of any sound equipment that exceeds 80 decibels in premises that don't have a license to play loud music.

"It’s only May, so we are concerned about what will happen in the summer," says Anna Moilannen. "The Green Patrol are taking action in spaces and places where there's excessive noise, but a lot more needs to be done."