Mayor José Hila (speaking) with the president of Emaya, Ramón Perpinyà. | Ajuntament de Palma

From May until the end of October, the Emaya municipal services agency in Palma will be taking on 205 new staff for street cleaning and refuse collection. Eighty-five people will be employed to reinforce the existing workforce and 120 will cover workers when they are on holiday. All these new employees will be on a 'fijo discontinuo' employment contract, which means that they have permanency from one year to the next, even if they only work for a six-month period. The town hall says that these employees will be deployed in the city's main tourist areas - the centre, Cala Major and Playa de Palma.

Palma's mayor, José Hila, explained on Friday that the frequency of waste collection will be increased and that nearly 500 new 120-litre litter bins have been installed throughout the city, 206 of them in Playa de Palma. These will be emptied each day.

The president of Emaya, councillor Ramón Perpinyà, said that the workforce will be twice the size as it was in 2021. In Playa de Palma, he noted, there will be 42 people and 15 vehicles for the daily cleaning of the main streets. The secondary streets will have a cleaning service three times a week.

Ten people and six vehicles will specifically be deployed to collect waste from hotels and restaurants. Door-to-door collection from hotels will be done daily in the case of general and organic waste; three times a week for plastics, packaging and paper; and on demand for glass.