Greater numbers of scooters and more accidents. | Archive

Figures from IB-Salut point to a 28% increase in hospital admissions in the Balearics as a result of electric scooter accidents.

Over the first four months of 2022, 118 people needed to be admitted to hospital. The percentage increase is by comparison with January to April 2021. For the whole of last year, around 400 people required hospital admission.

The health service's figures indicate a complete reversal in terms of men and women being admitted. In 2021, 62% were male. So far this year, 62% have been female.

Most of the people admitted to hospital are victims of an accident. Head injuries, broken arms and fractured wrists are the most common reasons. Some of these injuries are serious, IB-Salut noting a 6.5% rate of admission to intensive care units. And there are fatalities - two people died in the Balearics last year following an electric scooter accident.