Burnt out cars on the streets of Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Residents in the sa Teulera neighbourhood of Palma are concerned that an arsonist is on the loose and burning parked cars on public roads.

“It all started at the end of March, on Calle Margalida Jofre, where my wife and I left parked our two cars,” explains one resident. “The next day, the front wheels of both vehicles had been burned and there was a ball of paper under the tyres which was soaked in a flammable substance."

The victims made a formal complaint to the National Police which revealed more information about other incidents.

"Days before the attempt to set my cars on fire, a neighbour's BMW and a tree were burned on Carrer de les Filipines. Shortly after that, two cars were completely gutted by fire on Carrer de Xile and there had clearly been an attempt to set other cars alight but for some reason they didn’t catch fire. On other occasions we have noticed burn marks on the asphalt and paper stuffed under the wheels, but again attempts to burn the cars had failed.”

Residents are worried that a fire could spread to the woods at the back of the old Son Dureta hospital or Sa Teulera forest, near the tennis club.

“Since the Son Toëlls vehicle depot was closed, Palma City Council has moved numerous municipal tow trucks to Calle de les Filipines and Carrer de Xile. Abandoned and damaged cars are now accumulating there which is making it a magnet for arsonists,” claims a neighbourhood spokesperson.

Residents are appealing to everyone in the area to be vigilan and report any suspicious behaviour to Police to help them catch the arsonists.