Bars and restaurants are struggling to find staff. | BORJA SUAREZ

The tourist industry in the Balearics is struggling to recruit enough staff to meet demand.
The biggest stumbling block is the high rental costs which is putting seasonal workers from the mainland off coming to the Balearics, not to mention the high cost of general living and wages which do not match.

In Ibiza, for example, some workers are living out of their cars or paying up to 500 euros per month for a bed in a communal room.
And it is the same in Mallorca.

Some hotels have bought properties to rent or provide housing for staff but bars and restaurants are having a tough time in finding enough staff.

And what is not helping is that employing seasonal workers from the UK is now extremely complicated since the UK left the European Union.

According to the III Labor Market Yearbook published this week by the Adecco Group Institute, Spain added in 2021 its thirteenth consecutive year as the country with the highest number of unemployed in the European Union (EU).

Despite the fact that in 2021 all the employment lost in the pandemic was recovered, with a generalised fall in unemployment, Spain, which accounts for 9.2% of the population of the EU-27, had 22.8% of its unemployed.