Passengers at Palma airport. | Jaume Morey

The union representating hundreds of National Police officers is calling for more staff to be sent to Palma airport in an effort to ease the long queues at passport control amongst British passengers.

While passport checks for British passengers at Palma airport have been stepped-up after Brexit the number of police officers on duty remains the same or even less, according to the Unified Police Union. And what is more the trade union fears that the problem could get even more pronounced as the summer season gets into full swing.

"We warned about this situation, but little action was taken," the union said in a press release this morning.

"During the pandemic, as there were fewer flights and passengers it wasn´t a problem, but now we are faced with a great summer season but with few officers."

British passengers at Palma airport have complained about the long queues at the airport, especially on Saturdays, a key date for British flights.