The Mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno, event organisers Pedro Rullán and Joan Gibert and members of the team at Fàbrica Ramis. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The leading Balearic sustainable project, eMallorca Experience Week, was presented this morning at the Fàbrica Ramis in Inca, and was attended by the Mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno and the organisers of the event, Eco Global Services and Events, Joan Gibert and Pedro Rullán.

This year marks the third edition of the event and for the mayor of Inca, this edition "demonstrates the municipality's commitment to sustainability and places it at the epicentre of a whole week of activities and events open to the public, both Inca residents and visitors to the islands".

Moreno also wanted to highlight that "this edition is going to be very special, as it will be able to be held as normal, with no restrictions due to Covid-19, and people will be able to participate in all the sustainable activities being held and also enjoy the gastronomy, shopping and services Inca has to offer".

The mayor thanked the organisers "for once again having counted on us to host this event, which this year brings us many new features" and expressed "Inca's commitment to this project, which positions us as a sustainable municipality."

The events will feature a host of different experiences and attractions such the eShowroom, eForum, eChallenge and Eco Rallye Mallorca, "products, events and sustainable projects will be valued institutions, brands, companies and leading professionals in sustainability that, once again this year, have joined this experience and will be taking part in presentations, round tables, participating in the sustainable mobility route and the Eco Rallye Mallorca (qualifying for the Spanish Alternative Energy Championship), as well as being able to enjoy a sample of sustainable products and services in the eShowroom", said Joan Gibert, co-organiser of the event, who also wanted to thank the Inca council "for its involvement and collaboration in this project from day one".

eMallorca Experience Week "also aims to showcase Mallorca's landscape heritage and sustainable tourism and to position the island as a pioneering location and a benchmark for other communities in the application of environmentally friendly technologies", he said.

The Balearic Sea will have a strong presence thanks to the Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies (IMEDEA), which is participating with an exhibition on Posidonia oceanica, "which will allow us to learn about the importance of the conservation of this marine species for our waters and raise awareness that we are surrounded by the sea and that we must protect it," said Joan Gibert.

The event focuses on environmental care with the efficient use of clean energy, alternative mobility and circular economy, "giving visibility to products, services and projects that are helping to achieve this goal locally, nationally and internationally, through an enriching, dynamic and interactive experience for all audiences," added Gibert.

eMallorca Experience Week will be held in 2022, from Monday May 30 to Sunday June 5, with Inca at the the centre of all the activities.