Some parties are organised as a business. | Archive

The Balearic government is determined to put a stop to illegal parties that began in Ibiza and have spread to Mallorca. A decree law issued last week established fines of up to 300,000 euros for property owners and party organisers. If the parties are held in a holiday rental property, the tourist licence will be withdrawn.

While these parties have proliferated in Ibiza - this was especially so during the pandemic - there have been well-publicised cases in Mallorca as well. Not all of the parties are highly organised, but many are. They are a business, with arrangements made via WhatsApp and Telegram. People who wish to attend are picked up, sometimes by minibus, and taken to the event. Holiday rental villas are used, but just as common are large houses - usually in countryside locations - that aren't for tourist let. Wherever they are held, the parties have the same sort of offer - DJs and bars.

The Council of Ibiza has infiltrated some parties and has said that it will hire private detectives to try to prevent them from happening.

The government recognises that it cannot enter these properties without a court order, but police and government inspectors will stay until the party ends and then issue sanctions. The minimum fine is 300 euros for attendance. The minister of the presidency, Mercedes Garrido, says that the parties pose a security problem and are unfair competition for nightlife establishments.