Arrests have already been made in Playa de Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

This summer, the Balearics will have around 300 more members of the National Police on the beat to ensure public safety as part of the annual summer security operation, which this year will be start next month, earlier than usual.

National Police chief in the Balearic Islands, Gonzalo Espino, announced the extra police today during the presentation of the former Son Tous barracks as a reception centre for illegal migrants arriving in Mallorca.

The extra police have been requested by the Mallorcan Hotel Federation and the Balearic Government in view of the forecast increase in tourists, with figures similar to those of 2019.

The 300 or so police officers will arrive from Madrid in stages and will be deployed between Ibiza, Minorca, Palma and Manacor.

The summer security operation is already under way in Playa de Palma and a total of 19 people have already been arrested. The operation will continue until the end of September.