At Friday's police reinforcement presentation.


In 2017, residents and hoteliers in Playa de Palma came together in creating a group referred to as the platform "por una Platja de Palma Cívica". The meaning of "cívica" in this context is more civilised than civic, as the platform's demands were for greater security and cleanliness plus improved services and infrastructure.

During the pandemic, this group wasn't active, but with tourism recovering it has been revived. On Friday, it was made clear that residents and the hotel sector will continue to press for changes in Playa de Palma and for a quality tourism that is respectful of the resort area and its people. The main objective is to remind administrations - Palma town hall, the Balearic government and others - of the need to "optimise and prioritise" essential needs for the "largest tourist area in Mallorca".

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They are insisting that there is compliance with municipal bylaws, Palma's and Llucmajor's. In this regard, they have presented a report to the two town halls which highlights some 5,600 "deficiencies" - 15% more than last year. There is acknowledgement that security and cleaning reinforcements have been made. Even so, this season will be "key to defining the future". The vice-president of the hoteliers association, José Antonio Fernández, says: "We will see if we begin to see a change in the area or if everything continues as usual."

The announcement of the reactivation of the platform coincided with Palma town hall's presentation of the planned police reinforcement for the summer season. This took place in Playa de Palma. This reinforcement, as in the past, is intended to increase surveillance in areas with most tourists, to control compliance with municipal ordinance and to prevent anti-social behaviour. Mayor José Hila said that "our obligation is to guarantee that there are no excesses".

The reinforcement for the centre of Palma, Cala Major, Santa Catalina and Playa de Palma will have 100 new officers plus a pool of 56 officers who will be incorporated into the police service.