The accused (right) arriving at court. | A Sepulveda


The prosecution is standing firm on its demand for an 18 year prison sentence for the 26-year-old Briton accused of murdering a fellow Briton in Ibiza in July 2018.

The Public Prosecutor's Office set out its conclusions today during the fourth session of the jury trial in Palma.

The prosecutor has considered the facts proven and considers that he murdered the victim with malice because "there was no possibility for the victim to defend himself."

The prosecutor maintains that there was a fight between the accused and another person and that the deceased tried to separate them. But he was punched hard in the head, which left him semi-conscious and convulsing on the floor. The accused then allegedly punched him repeatedly "with the intention of ending his life".

The trial started on Monday, the 26-year-old having told the court that he had defended himself by pushing the deceased (Harry) and punching him twice. He has denied having intended to kill him.

Today the accused addressed the victim's parents to ask for their forgiveness: "From the bottom of my heart, my most sincere regret and sorrow for everything that has happened".