Domingo Bonnín receives the "vara" from Bàrbara Rebassa. | Lola Olmo


Domingo Bonnín is the new mayor of Alcudia. On Saturday, he was handed the mayoral "vara" (baton) by Bàrbara Rebassa, she having confirmed at this week's council meeting that the transfer would be made.

Following the 2019 election, agreement on coalition administration at Alcudia town hall - PSOE, El Pi, Més - included Bonnín being mayor for the final year. A councillor for many years, he is a member of El Pi, who supplied Rebassa's predecessor, Toni Mir, from 2015 to 2019. She is a member of PSOE.

Although there was the agreement, transfers such as this still require an investiture vote. Bonnín received ten votes from the total of seventeen councillors. The opposition parties wished him well, and he expressed his thanks for "the trust and loyalty shown by the councillors of the parties that are part of the government team, especially Bàrbara Rebassa". He also thanked the opposition parties for their support during the "toughest moments" of the pandemic.