Mario Decandia (right) with his brother Nicola. | Decandia family

Nicola Decandia, the brother of Mario, who was run over and killed by a Palma police car on Thursday, says that the family wants to know the truth of what happened.

Referring to the great hole in their lives "that will never close", he adds that the family's main concern is recovering the body as quickly as possible in order to give Mario a proper burial. "My brother will live forever in the memory of all who knew him. This memory is indelible and eternal. This said, we will do all we can so that there is justice. News we are receiving from various sources is creating an opaque scenario with testimonies that are immediately denied. There are many contradictions."

The family is aware of the competing versions of events, such as whether the police car's lights were flashing or not and whether or not there was a bottle of alcohol in the car. Palma's councillor for public security, Joana Maria Adrover, and the Palma police commissioner, Antonia Barceló, have strenuously denied that there was a bottle in the car and have stressed that there was no doubt that the lights were flashing and that the patrol car was responding to an emergency call.

Nicola says that "we trust wholeheartedly in maximum transparency". "We just want that the truth be known."