Press conference to announce traffic restrictions.

Traffic restrictions from Puerto Pollensa to Formentor beach and to the lighthouse will start on June 23 and not on June 15 as in previous years. The later start is due to roadworks that have in any event meant a road closure; these roadworks are scheduled to be completed by June 22.

The restrictions will apply each day from 10am to 10.30pm until September 15. Between Puerto Pollensa and the beach and hotel (which is of course closed for redevelopment), taxis will be able to operate as will coaches with prior authorisation.

Private cars will be able to go as far as the beach, but proof of a purchase (e.g. a ticket for the car park) will need to be produced in order to avoid a fine. Camera readers will be operating. The traffic directorate is creating an app for this. In 2021, some 6,000 drivers were fined but could have avoided a fine if they had sent the directorate a copy of a receipt and photo of the number plate by email. There will be information for drivers in Puerto Pollensa.

Beyond the beach, access will be very limited, e.g. to cyclists and the shuttle bus from Puerto Pollensa, which will run until 10.30pm.