Cabbies camping out at the airport for more lucrative trips. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Palma City Council is hoping that the problem caused by a shortage of taxi drivers will be resolved as soon as possible when as many as 100 extra cabbies come on line.

The taxi drivers have blamed the service problems in the centre of Palma on the lack of drivers to complete 24-hour shifts.

But Palma Councillor for Transport, Francesc Dalmau, said today that “at the end of the month new taxi drivers will join the service.”

Around 150 people took their tests this month but cabbies have complained that the exams are very difficult and that there is a high percentage of failed candidates.

But the council has not only said it will look at making the tests easier, they will also fast track the system so that more drivers can be on the roads quicker than in the past.

People have been complaining of having to waste at least 45 minutes trying to flag down a cab in the centre of Palma and have blamed the cabbies of camping out at the airport waiting for long distance runs which are more lucrative than brief trips round Palma.

The weather does not help either. In Palma when it is either raining or too hot, catching a cab has always been a challenge.