The two worked at a Magalluf bar. | Michel's


The Provincial Court in Palma has acquitted a Briton who was accused of raping a British woman at an apartment in Magalluf in July 2015.

At the time, they were both working at a bar in Magalluf. The accused, now 34, told the court via videoconference that they had consensual sex. The woman did not appear before the court.

He said that there were other people in the apartment at the time and that he had fully cooperated with the authorities. A forensic doctor informed the court that the woman's injuries were compatible with a sexual assault. The ruling, however, states that it was not proven that the accused had raped the woman.

The three judges stated: "This court only has proof of the existence of injuries at the time after the event. Together with this, we have statements made by the injured party to the forensic doctor."

The Prosecutor's Office had demanded a sentence of nine years.