National Police officers at Son Banya. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


In 2013, a sixteen-year-old in the Son Banya shanty town in Palma inflicted a neck wound on a National Police officer when he fired a shotgun during a police raid.

As a result, he got the nickname the 'Son Banya sniper'. Following that incident, he attempted to flee to the mainland but was stopped. More recently, he has been racking up further convictions. In November 2021, he should have entered Palma prison but didn't. In the early hours of Friday morning at a club on the Son Rossinyol industrial estate in Palma, the police caught up with him.

A National Police patrol that was in the area recognised him. He was entering the club accompanied by various others. As well as being aware of him because of the 2013 incident, the officers knew that he should be in prison on two counts - one for robbery with violence and the other for causing injury. The officers called for support. This was just before 2am.

When police entered the club, he attempted to barricade himself in the toilets. He finally came out, claiming that he didn't have papers and that his name was Luis. The police knew full well that he wasn't Luis. When arrested, he shouted "you've got the wrong man".