Still from a video showing sex in the street in Playa de Palma. | @tonimaltraste


“Not only can't we sleep, we also have to smell the urine when we wake up. 1,000 people drinking on the frontline and pissing on the second line."

On social media, a Playa de Palma resident has denounced days of non-stop partying in the area, which has been full of Spanish students since Friday last week. He is critical of Palma town hall and police passivity, although another resident (@tonimaltraste) says on Twitter that he has videos where National Police patrols are seen passing but that he can understand this. "There was only one patrol and they cannot deal with a thousand people or more. In fact, I was talking to them and they explained to me how from above they don't give them more options or staff. It's the same with the local police in Palma." He wonders if Mayor José Hila will do anything, or "will he wait for 100 days, 7, 9, 23, or perhaps never?"