The Rolex that was stolen. | Guardia Civil


Officers from the Guardia Civil's fiscal and borders unit at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport arrested a German tourist who had stolen a Rolex watch valued at 12,000 euros.

Responding to the report of the theft by a Swedish tourist, the Guardia Civil examined security camera images. The watch was taken after it was placed in a tray to pass through the security scan. The German had apparently taken advantage of the fact that the watch's owner had been distracted and that there were large numbers of people passing through security at the time.

Officers identified the German from the camera images, located him before boarding and checked his luggage. The watch was hidden in clothes. Meanwhile, the Swedish tourist was already on his plane. On return to Sweden, he was notified of the recovery of the watch and flew back to Mallorca to collect it and to personally thank the officers.