Sebastián, Óscar and Baldomero, a former boss of them both.


The National Police in Palma are looking for three other people in connection with the attack on 34-year-old Sebastián Jaume Femenías outside the Rockefeller's club in Cala Major on Friday. The main suspect, described as a short, bald man with glasses, was apparently with another man and two women at the time of the assault.

Witnesses have told the police that Sebastián was in the club and went outside to sit on the steps, which was where the suspect kicked him in the neck, seemingly "without saying a word". A doorman at the club went to his aid, while waiting for medics to arrive. The incident occurred around 6am on Friday. He began to convulse and went into cardiorespiratory arrest. Sebastián passed away at Son Espases Hospital on Sunday.

From Son Ferriol in Palma, Sebastián was a chef. One of the people who knew him best is Óscar Fontán, a friend and former co-worker. He still can't believe what happened. "A piece of our lives has been taken away from us." He met Sebastián in 2013 when they were studying. Sebastián became a member of a chefs association and took part in solidarity projects to help disadvantaged people. "He was very involved with the association. He was always proposing things. Without him, the project would not have moved forward. He always had a smile on his face. He was a person who got along with everyone."