Labour reform has led to much higher numbers of permanent job contracts. | Gemma Andreu

Eighty employment inspectors will be deployed this summer in what the Balearic government describes as a comprehensive plan to combat job insecurity. Some 1,200 operations are planned, especially in the construction and hospitality sectors, which is where most breaches tend to occur in respect of temporary hiring in the summer.

The government is resuming an inspection plan that was largely suspended in 2020 and 2021, President Armengol and employment minister, Iago Negueruela, saying that inspections will be directed at potentially fraudulent part-time working, working hours, overtime, time off and registration with social security.

Armengol said on Monday that temporary employment poses one of the most serious problems for the islands' labour market, although recent labour reform has been very positive in addressing these problems. The president noted that eight out of ten jobs contracts are now permanent, whereas they were only around 20% a year ago.

Thirty inspectors from the mainland will reinforce the complement of fifty in the Balearics.