Punta Ballena in Magalluf. | Archive

Calvia town hall will be able to take precautionary measures and close shops in parts of Magalluf that sell alcohol between 9.30pm and 8am. An item in the Balearic government's tourism of excesses decree, which was issued in January 2020, the plenary session of the Council of Mallorca on Wednesday validated the agreement between the government and the town hall so that the latter can, in addition to fining shops, close them if it feels this is necessary.

This decision by the Council was partly a technical one, given that various responsibilities for tourism were transferred from the government at the start of this year. But it goes further, as the councillor for tourism, Andreu Serra, explained. There are some businesses, he said, which continue to fail to comply with the decree while fines are being processed. "Being able to take precautionary measures quickly will allow us to be really effective in enforcing the decree."

The opposition Partido Popular were critical of the agreement. Raquel Sánchez said it will mean more work for the town hall and believed that it will be the Council of Mallorca which will receive fines' revenue.

Sánchez was also of the view that prohibiting the sale of alcohol between 9.30pm and 8am was ineffective, because customers "buy cases of beer at nine and drink them anyway". "The only solution is to promote family and quality tourism," she argued.

Calvia town hall recently and formally adopted the provisions of the tourism of excesses decree.