The protest in July 2017. | Efe


The Provincial Court in Palma has acquitted all those accused of taking part in an anti-tourism protest on the Moll Vell pier in Palma in July 2017.

Eleven people, supposedly all members of the radical youth organisation Arran, were charged with public order offences. The intention to protest was not communicated to the national government delegation, which therefore hadn't given its authorisation. The court nevertheless considered that it was protected by the right of assembly.

At the protest, flares were let off and confetti was thrown. The court concluded that there was no violence. "There were no violent acts, nothing was broken. Not every condition of public order necessarily entails a problem of public peace."

Of the eleven, the court could only see evidence that two clearly took part. In arriving at its decision, the court took account of statements by National Police officers who were at the scene of the protest and said there was no damage or violence. Furthermore, no one had claimed any type of damage or compensation. "We do not perceive danger to the public," the court said, beyond the inconvenience caused by smoke from the flares.

The Prosecutor's Office has demanded sentences of up to four years in prison. It can appeal the court's decision to the Balearic High Court.