Taxis at the airport. | Jaume Morey


Problems with getting a taxi in Palma are such that even the town hall's councillor for mobility. Francesc Dalmau, admits there are problems and that the service is at times "overwhelmed".

Given the shortage, one of the taxi associations has asked the town hall to issue seasonal licences. These are typically given to those who already have a taxi; the licences are put on other vehicles. This is a system that operates in Ibiza, where cars are marked as taxis and as seasonal.

However, Palma has turned down the idea, Dalmau saying that the bureaucratic process is so slow that it would not be operational for this summer. It could be something to be considered for next summer, if the current problems persist until then.

The councillor adds that the 1,246 existing taxi licences in Palma can provide a good service if this is efficient. There are around 500 licences not linked to any dispatcher, a reason for "needing to work with the Balearic government" on a single application for ordering taxis.