A sound level meter for every table? | Archive

On Wednesday, there was a meeting of Palma residents associations and councillors to consider the "pacification" of neighbourhoods.

Vandalism, occupation of the public way and noise were all on the agenda, concern having been expressed that problems experienced in Santa Catalina are spreading to other parts of the city. A development that the town hall is said to be looking at is bylaw amendment to oblige restaurants to have sound level meters on every table to warn if customers are making too much noise.

As well as these individual meters, others could be placed at specific points to determine areas that are acoustically contaminated.

Occupation of the public way, i.e. bar and restaurant terraces, has been a contentious issue ever since the PSOE-Més-Podemos coalition took over at the town hall in 2015. While rules were eased because of Covid, the past few years have been marked by terrace regulation.

The residents associations have called on the town hall to reduce the occupation by 50 per cent. Councillors explained on Wednesday that there is to be a "zonal plan" for each district in order to consider terrace space.