Most police controls are lightning operations. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The two clans involved in last week's shooting in the Son Costa area of Palma both live in the city's Son Gotleu district. It wasn't the first shooting incident, and the latest has heightened tension in Son Gotleu. The National Police are therefore out in force, their message being that as long as the clashes continue, the streets will be guarded 24 hours a day.

Most police controls are lightning operations. These have to be rapid and short, as warnings are easily and quickly given. The police are searching for firearms - short-calibre pistols and shotguns. Finding these weapons is a priority. There are also infiltrators - officers in plain clothes. They observe and listen to what is happening on the streets or in the bars.

Prior to last week's shooting, there had been two other incidents involving these clans. One was in December last year when four people were arrested. The second was on May 21. One person suffered a gunshot wound; eight arrests were made.

The police say that the clan members aren't adept at using firearms; they don't aim well when they shoot. A fear is that someone totally unassociated with the clans could be injured - or worse. The police also reckon that the only way to prevent future violence between rival clan members will be for a court to expel them from Mallorca.