There are queues for taxis at the airport at certain times. | Emilio Queirolo


The difficulties in getting a taxi in Palma and the queues at some ranks, such as the airport, are continuing to cause complaints. But faced with this situation, Palma town hall points out that it doesn't have much scope to do anything more about the shortage. Francesc Dalmau, the councillor for mobility, says that there is a general problem in coastal areas of Mallorca and that it is the regional government's mobility ministry which can implement measures to solve it. "When you have a situation which is shared by other municipalities, the approach must be at a global level."

Dalmau adds that the tourism season is exceeding all forecasts in terms of tourist numbers, while car-hire companies have far fewer vehicles than in previous years. The demand for taxis in certain parts of the island and at particular times has therefore soared.

In Palma, more buses have been made available for EMT's coastal routes. Other efforts by the town hall have included an "extraordinary exam process" for new taxi drivers. Only fourteen of the 155 applicants passed. The town hall has also sought to balance the taxi service by prohibiting  drivers from working at the port and at the airport for six days a month in order to prevent the centre of the city from being without taxis.

Seasonal or temporary licences are a possible solution, but Dalmau explains that processing would take up to three months. The ministry, he says, "is working on the issue", and he hopes that it will call all parties involved for discussions.