Wonder of the Seas and the USS Harry S. Truman in Palma on Monday. | Gabriel Alomar


Two of the biggest ships in the world went head to head in Palma today. Representing the U.S. Navy was the Nimitz class aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman and representing the merchant fleet was the cruise liner Wonder of the Seas.

The overall winner was the cruise liner but only just by a mere 30 metres. The Wonder of the Seas is 362 metres long while the Harry S. Truman is 332 metres! When it comes to tonnage the cruise liner is well ahead, weighing in at 236,000 tons compared to 103,000 of the aircraft carrier.

Aboard the cruise liner there were almost 7,000 passengers, while the Truman has a crew of 6,000. The sight of these two giant ships in the port of Palma certainly caused a sensation.

The Truman will leave the port of Palma tomorrow after a five-day visit. Her crew have explored the delights of Mallorca.