Dangerous criminal was arrested this morning in Andratx. | Guardia Civil

This morning, a dozen hooded, heavily armed members of the Guardia Civil, armed with a battering ram to break down doors, arrested a dangerous criminal accused of at least four robberies in villas in the Andratx area, one of them inhabited, in a spectacular assault.

In this last case, he allegedly threatened the sleeping residents and robbed them of 2,500 euros. The commandoes broke into the flat in the Los Reones building, next to a supermarket in the port, in the early hours of the morning and catching the suspect by surprise.

The neighbours were stunned by the sudden appearance of the Guardia Civil who arrived in several vans and mounted a rapid operation.

The house has been searched for firearms and incriminating evidence in the four robberies under investigation.

One of the robberies took place at gunpoint and was committed in the early hours of the July 10 in a house in Puerto Andratx.

The two thieves - one of whom was the one arrested - stole over 2,500 euros after threatening the residents, who were asleep.

The thieves broke in through a bathroom window after climbing up outside patio of the property, which is located above a well-known restaurant near the sea front.

They were wearing tracksuits, had part of their faces covered and entered the bedroom brandishing a pistol demanding the money in the safe.

They knew they were going to find cash in the house, as the inhabitants are the owners of the restaurant below where they live.

They fled with 2,500 euros and the Guardia Civil and the local police, after hearing what had happened, mounted controls at all the entrances and exits of the port, but the criminals managed to escape. In the other three house burglaries that he is accused of, the residents were not present.