Rubbish containers in Alcudia on Sunday. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Alcudia is slowly returning to normal two weeks after the start of the rubbish collection strike. However, on Sunday there were still areas where the recycling containers had not been emptied, despite the fact that nine days have passed since an agreement was reached with the workers to suspend industrial action.

In some areas, recycling containers were still overflowing.
Despite the strike having been averted in the peak of the summer season, it is still taking time to clear the backlog of household waste.

“We have to think that despite having restarted the service, in addition to what has accumulated every day, people have been generating more waste, it has been difficult, but now everything is practically up to speed”, said the mayor, Domingo Bonnín.

The dispute was essentially over the condition of trucks - their lack of maintenance and their risks in terms of occupational safety.

The trucks are due to be renewed. But for now, Miguel Ángel Pardo of the CCOO union insists that "they do not comply with occupational risk prevention law".

"There are drivers who are risking their lives due to the poor condition of the trucks."