The horse on the ground in Palma on Sunday. | @RecuperaBalears

It is not what the vast majority of holiday makers and residents want to see, carriage horses collapsing in near 40ºC while working in the centre of Palma.

However, while the debate about replacing them with some form of electric transport drags on, another horse collapsed in Palma on Sunday causing outrage on social media across the world.

A number of witnesses rushed to the scene of the accident, and after pointing out that “the heat” was the factor that caused the incident, they asked for “water” for the animal and criticised the attitude of clients who were sitting inside the carriage at the time of the fall.

Palma City Council is considering replacing the horses with an electric alternative. The proposal, an initiative of Ciudadanos presented in the Urban Planning and Environment Commission, will be finalised in the plenary session.

“It is an interesting proposal. Animal traction has to stop,“ said the councillor for Sustainable Mobility, Francesc Dalmau.

The councillor insisted that "the sector is very aware of the situation we live in today, in which we are very concerned about animal welfare. To this end, with legislative changes we are going to change this situation. As much as it is a tradition, it cannot be perpetuated and a transformation has to be carried out through political agreement".

Some councils in Mallorca have banned the horse and carriages, as well as bull fights, but both activities are allowed to continue in Palma.