Anger over the return of bullfighting to Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Activists from AnimaNaturalis and CAS International will meet this Sunday in Palma to demand an end to bullfighting.

The anti-bullfighting activists will meet in front of Palma Town Hall at 11am, AnimaNaturalis said in a press release today.
“The return of bullfighting to the Palma bullring may comply with all legal requirements, but it goes against the will of the people,” the animal rights organisation said.

The coordinator of AnimaNaturalis in the Balearics, Arantzazu Laguna, stated that bullfights in the Balearics are taking “their last breaths before dying” and that the same thing happened in Catalonia, when the bullring was artificially filled in order to create an enthusiasm that does not exist.
“The only truth is that bullfighting does not represent Balearic society, which increasingly rejects it”, Laguna added.

The associationn said that the Constitutional Court ruled that bullfights were an Asset of Cultural Interest in order to protect these spectacles and that this is why in 2017 it was decided to create a Bullfighting Regulation for the Balearics, which restricted the suffering and death of the bull in the bullring.

However, the Constitutional Court also ruled against this new regulation, arguing that without death it could not be considered bullfighting.

“We refuse to accept a law which makes mockery of us and shames advanced cultures which look upon the torture of animals as a practice that should have been forgotten centuries ago,” concluded Laguna.