The ports are handling tonnage at least equivalent to 2019. | Archive


Demand from hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in Mallorca has led to distributors' forecasts for the supply of products being exceeded. Shipping companies confirm what the ADED distributors' association is saying - tourism reactivation has meant that the season is going "very well". The association's president, Bartomeu Servera, observes that it is exceeding "even the most optimistic forecasts".

In Palma, the port has been handling tonnage at least equivalent to that of 2019. But there is the downside - and that is the rise in prices. Servera says that since September last year, prices have been "out of control". He points to increases up to 60% for certain products.

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For the hotel sector, the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation indicates that average occupancy in July was 93%, five percentage points higher than in 2019. August is expected to be similar, while September, notes president Maria Frontera, is returning to the "remarkable" pattern of demand that existed before the pandemic. Only October is underperforming - demand is at present "far from the pre-pandemic level".

While tourism activity has been very good since Easter, Frontera adds that the increase in operating costs is having a "negative impact" on hotels' bottom lines.