The gun that was pointed at the bar owner. | Policia Nacional


A bar owner in Sa Indiotera, Palma, was threatened with a gun after he refused to serve a customer any more drinks. The day before this incident, he had threatened a woman in the bar, telling her that he was going to kill her husband.

Having pointed the gun at the owner and another customer, he left. A call was made to the National Police, and officers were there when he returned to the bar. He was asked to hand over the gun, but said that he had thrown it into a rubbish container and couldn't remember the exact place. Finally, he took the police to where he had hidden the gun - a Retay Falcon 9-millimetre calibre.

He was arrested for making death threats and given a breath test - he was well over the limit. He later gave a statement before a judge and was released on charges.