The Guardia Civil cut off the main access road. | Michel's


Puerto Andratx is one of Mallorca's tourist centres that most attracts thieves. These people pose as tourists, mingling with others and looking for targets. The police say that the most prized targets are tourists wearing luxury watches. "They monitor them from a distance, then they approach them with the excuse of asking something and snatch watches and wallets in a matter of seconds."

As local police resources are limited, the Guardia Civil have been intensifying controls in the area. One took place last week. Numerous officers were involved in cutting off one of the main access roads. In addition to looking for thieves, they were searching for drugs; in the summer, drug dealing increases greatly.

The thieves are typically a male and female couple. The woman is the one who distracts the targets, and the man carries out the theft. Once the theft is committed, they quickly leave by car in the direction of Palma.