Image of the incident in the club.

The Guardia Civil's homicide squad is investigating the death of the brother of Maximillian White, the British entrepreneur who made his fortune from medicinal cannabis and who owns a property in the Tramuntana Mountains.

On Sunday, the 37-year-old died in Son Llàtzer Hospital, having been in an induced coma for several days. This followed an incident on July 26 at the Boomerang club in Magalluf, when doormen refused him entrance because he wasn't wearing a shirt. There was an altercation and the doormen restrained him with force.

Emergency medics were called to the club after he went into cardiorespiratory arrest. He was revived but then suffered a second heart attack. He had taken a mix of drugs - cocaine, ecstasy and hash - and while the indications are that these drugs caused the heart attack, the actions of the doormen are being investigated.

His family wants to clarify if he died from drugs, from the intervention of security personnel or from the effects of a sedative, administered by medics, combined with the drugs he had taken. The family has asked a court in Palma for a coroner from England to perform an autopsy.