The accused appeared in court in Manacor a week after the attack. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The Prosecutor's Office is seeking a twelve-year sentence for the 22-year-old accused with causing the death of Mohamed Youb, who passed away in Son Espases Hospital in November last year, four months after having been brutally attacked in Calas de Mallorca.

Around quarter to one in the morning on July 26, there was an argument between the two in a car park, the accused angered by Mohamed having apparently spoken to his partner. Mohamed was punched hard on the temple, causing him to lose consciousness and fall. His head was then slammed hard on the ground. The prosecution argues that the accused was aware that he could end Mohamed's life.

He turned himself in six days after the incident and has been in prison ever since. The trial will start shortly, the Prosecutor's Office also demanding compensation of 168,000 euros to be paid to Mohamed's family. A private prosecution on behalf of the family is seeking a sentence of 22 years and 190,000 euros. This prosecution differs to that of the Prosecutor's Office in that the charge is premeditated murder.