Some European police forces are already using electric scooters. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Palma Local Police is studying the possibility of using ecological electric scooters.
On Wednesday morning, police chiefs, headed by Commissioner Antonia Barceló, attended a demonstration of the vehicles which are equipped with sirens, two engines and extra large batteries. They also have loudspeakers and flashing lights.

According to the manufacturers, electric police scooters are the most suitable vehicle for getting around areas of the city that are not accessible by patrol cars or motorbikes.

They are prepared to carry out quick and efficient interventions. They are ideal for patrols in a pedestrianised area or in the old town, where the streets are narrow and inaccessible.

According to those responsible for the sale of the scooter, the officers can shorten response times by 80 percent.

At the moment nothing has been decided, but within the Local Police the idea has been heavily criticised.

Officers do not understand that their superiors are considering purchasing electric scooters when they do not have enough patrol cars and motorbikes.