Buses on the Paseo Mallorca in Palma. | Jaume Morey


Residents of Palma's Paseo Mallorca are complaining about the noise made by buses. Three services stop along the road, one of them being the airport route. The services stop at one in the morning and restart at 4.30am. Toya de la Vega, president of the Sant Jaume residents association, says that drivers keep their engines running for more than the three minutes permitted by regulations. "There are times when there are two or three right in front of us, stopping traffic and causing noise and pollution."

In addition to the buses, there are the collections of rubbish. These also create noise. The four containers for general waste, glass, paper and packaging are emptied at different times.

And then there are the bars and restaurants with their crowded terraces and which are busy even in the winter. "We have 25 restaurants and bars under our homes, all grouped together. In recent years, these have proliferated on the Paseo Mallorca." "Residents are going crazy," she says, adding that numerous complaints have been sent to the town hall.